Generators & Turbines

Fast Starts. Longer Runs. Longer Life.

Whether you’re running gensets 24/7 or only occasionally, Rivotto lets you reduce your emissions while maintaining operational output—allowing more time between regenerations and enabling longer run times.

Safer. Healthier. Fewer Emissions.

At Rivotto, we understand that diesel, natural gas, and gasoline gensets must limit emissions including:

  • Particulate matter
  • Oxides of nitrogen
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Carbon monoxide

Not only will Nx25 make your operational flow smoother, but we’ll also provide a safer and more dependable process, with less soot and smoke. In fact, we’ve reduced NOx and PM up to 70%. Whether you’re using genesets as an emergency power supply or for peak-lopping, grid support, and other complex applications, Rivotto helps you meet stringent emissions standards.

Up to 40% Less Fuel Required

Our products let you lower your fuel requirements by 5% -15% over the full range of electrical loads, depending on your engine. You’ll save money, save time managing fuel logistics, and extend run cycles on each tank. Even if you’re passing along fuel costs, Rivotto helps you be more agile and more competitive.

Ready Today

You can’t wait for manufacturers to deliver additional solutions (including battery-powered gensets) over the coming decades, OEM design cycles take years and emerging technologies like hydrogen aren’t ready. Rivotto’s solutions are tested, proven, and ready to help you meet your emissions goals starting today.

Reduce or Eliminate Wet Stacking

When you operate the engine at light load for extended periods, the engine sends more unburned fuel and soot into the exhaust system. Our solutions improve combustion, which reduces these frustrating complications.

At Least 50% Less Regen

Regenerations can be a major risk factor when you’re off-site or powering complicated operations. With Nx25, diesel particulate filters last much longer, regen at least 50% less and consume less DEF, while also improving aftertreatment system operation.

How much can you save?

Calculate how much money your organization will save yearly with Rivotto Clean Air Technology installed on your fleet engines.

Rivotto Clean Air Technology Savings Calculator

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Eco Lets Drivers Go Further

Eco decreased fuel use by 6%–20% and emissions components
improved at least 50% in testing. 
Users save on fuel costs and contribute to cleaner air.

Eco Multi Application MPG Improvements & Test Results

Rivotto Delivers Results

5%-15% less fuel*
40%-60% lower CO2 output*
35%-70% lower emissions*
Minimum 50% increase in regen and DEF efficiency (diesel only)
Direct Air Removal of CO2, no sequester or disposal
Safe, Reliable, Effective
Immediate ROI
* Depending on engine type

The performance of Nx25 has provided our operation with results in excess of our expectations.  We will continue the use of Nx25 and continue to evaluate its performance in our production operations.” 

–– Robert Pyle, Pacific Energy Resources ltd,
Long Beach, CA