Direct Air Carbon Removal

Restoring Atmospheric Balance Between Oxygen and CO2

A process that eliminates CO2 and results in more oxygen. Nx25 restores the balance between oxygen and CO2 in our atmosphere without billion dollar investments into expensive capture and storage projects. 

A Scientific Breakthrough

The Inventor of Nx25 has created a process, using the underlying Nx25 technology, that removes CO2 directly form the air.  It doesn’t capture and there is no need to sequester.  This process eliminates the CO2 directly from the air, replacing it with benign constituents that are helpful to the earths ecosystem.  

Affordable CO2 Removal

The is no capture, storage, or sequester cost.  Further, the process is simple and requires only limited capital investment to implement.  Because of these advantages, DACR can be employed at a fraction of the cost of traditional CC&S systems. 

A Distributed Process

Nx25 can Direct Air Remove carbon by employing dedicated facilities delivering that service.  In addition, when powerplant, turbine, or automotive users employ Nx25, they create an additional CO2 vacuum by virtue of the CO2 destruction in their application.  Over time millions of low-cost CO2 buffers will be driving around our world’s roadways.  


Eco Lets Drivers Go Further

Eco decreased fuel use by 6%–20% and emissions components
improved at least 50% in testing. 
Users save on fuel costs and contribute to cleaner air.

Eco Multi Application MPG Improvements & Test Results

We have averaged about 10-14% in fuel savings, and we’ve also had less maintenance needed relating to fuel injectors etc. I’m sure this can be directly attributed to the addition of the Eco systems.

– Larry Gray, Star Shuttle - Paratrans Operations Manager, Austin, Tx