About Rivotto

Our purpose is to deliver clean air to future generations

We are a collection of businesspeople who care about the world we live in—and what kind of world we are leaving to future generations. At Rivotto, we are building a company capable of delivering clean air starting today, and doing so in a commercially viable way that doesn’t place a financial burden on our children and grandchildren. We are delivering both cleaner air and a brighter financial future.

Passionate About the Environment

We are creating a clean and prosperous future by licensing and developing technologies that will have an immediate impact.

Our technologies are already delivering cost-effective results, and will ultimately prevent gigatons of emissions from entering the atmosphere—and save users billions of dollars in multiple industries, including:

Plant Trees

For every product you buy or gallon of Nx25 you employ, we’ll plant a tree in your name—just one more way can make a difference.

Keep Your Warranty Intact

With Rivotto products, your manufacturer’s warranty stays intact.

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Save Fuel

Rivotto Clean Air Systems help reduce your fuel consumption by 5%-15%, depending on engine type.

Lower Emissions

Clean the air by reducing hydrocarbon emissions 30%-70% (depending on engine type) with our proven systems.

Sustainable Impact

Nx25 could save an estimated 15 gigatons of CO2 and other emissions annually.

Our Values

Our noble values are central to who we are and how we operate.

We believe in being open, honest, and transparent. You can expect the straight truth from every member of the Rivotto team.

As we seek to build a clean and prosperous future, our customers are our focus and our top priority. We look forward to working together to make the world a better place

A Vision for a Cleaner Future

In a world that’s grasping for solutions, Rivotto is delivering answers. We’re proud to play a role in creating a world in which:

  • The air is easy to breathe
  • Big cities have clean air
  • Communities are healthy
  • Economies thrive

Solving a Global Problem

Air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are created one vehicle, one gallon at a time—and they must be solved one vehicle, one gallon at a time.

Rivotto: Solutions for Today

For fleet managers and fleet owners, our products bridge the gap between combustion engines and fleet electrification—delivering immediate greenhouse gas reductions on combustion engines, while saving users on fuel. Fossil fuels will continue to power engines for decades to come, but Rivotto is the bridge for today, ready to make an impact on climate (and your budget) right now.