The Safe and Dependable Pathway to Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Commercial carriers, military users, and private pilots still use traditional hydrocarbon fuels, not because they want to but because there isn’t another suitable alternative—until now.  

A Bridge to When SAF is Widely Available

Sustainable Aviation Fuels have proven effective, however, SAF isn’t available in sufficient quantity or energy density to offset the immense volumes of hydrocarbon fuels that will continue to be needed. Nx25 can fill the gap.  Because Nx25 wipes out most of the CO2 from hydrocarbon fuels, it is a low-carbon bridge to the ubiquitous use of SAF.  

Lower Emissions 35%-70% for Healthier Employees and Passengers

Aviation exhaust fumes contribute to negative health impacts on employees and passengers, resulting in increased allergies, respiratory ailments, and lung cancer. Poor air quality also has economic consequences for communities. Our Nx25 solution is proven to reduce emissions by up to 70%, depending on engine type.

Save 5%-15% on Fuel

We’ll help your aircraft go further, while using 5% to 15% less fuel. You’ll save money on every gallon, improve operational efficiency, and strengthen bottom line performance.

How much can you save?

Calculate how much money your organization will save yearly with Rivotto Clean Air Technology installed on your fleet engines.

Rivotto Clean Air Technology Savings Calculator

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Eco Lets Drivers Go Further

Eco decreased fuel use by 6%–20% and emissions components
improved at least 50% in testing. 
Users save on fuel costs and contribute to cleaner air.

Eco Multi Application MPG Improvements & Test Results

Rivotto Delivers Results

5%-15% less fuel*
40%-60% lower CO2 output*
35%-70% lower emissions*
Minimum 50% increase in regen and DEF efficiency (diesel only)
Direct Air Removal of CO2, no sequester or disposal
Safe, Reliable, Effective
Immediate ROI
* Depending on engine type

We were skeptical at first! We installed the Eco System on a variety of vehicles and in every instance not only did it save fuel and increase performance, but it also significantly reduced smoke!

––Scott Long, Premier Distributing Company,
Albuquerque, New Mexico