Electricity Generation

Generate Power with Little CO2, Less Fuel, and Lower Emissions.

Coal, oil, or gas-powered electricity generation make up over 65% of global electricity generation. Most refinery, desalination, petrochemical, and cement plants are powered by hydrocarbon fuels. With Nx25, plants will eliminate carbon emissions and enjoy immediate operational savings. 

Technology That’s Ready Today

Electricity generated from hydrocarbon sources is reliable, safe, and proven. Even when other renewables provide electricity, they are backed up by reliable hydrocarbon sources. While many parts of the world build out renewables, Nx25 can make existing hydrocarbon plants sustainable, allowing a reasoned transition to renewables over time. Nx25 can deliver solutions right now for industrial electricity generation requirements.

Meet New Emissions Standards

Rivotto’s Nx25 can bring coal, oil, or gas and other plants into regulatory compliance, obviating the need to shutter valuable assets. Nx25 directly, and substantially, reduces NOx, CO, and particulate matter. When grids are strained and electricity is premium, it is imperative to retain as much generating capacity as possible. Companies can breathe easy and meet their environmental goals now, our proprietary technologies make clean hydrocarbon power possible. 

Low-Carbon Footprint

Nx25 attacks post-combustion CO2 like an unwanted contagion. Our technology doesn’t need to capture, sequester or store CO2, it actually eliminates 40% - 60% of CO2 from exhaust gases. Getting to total CO2 reduction is possible.  

Create Financial Strength

The Nx25 reaction improves energy yield, demonstrating actual operational savings on various industrial plants, automobiles, and other applications.  The equation is simple, achieve powerful financial savings while you reduce CO2 and pollutive emissions. Also, Nx25 can keep plants open in the face of regulatory pressure, delivering massive financial benefit.  

Spend Less Time on Maintenance

Because the combustion process runs cleaner with Rivotto technologies, your maintenance burden will shrink. With Rivotto, you’ll enjoy:

  • Cleaner furnaces and boilers
  • Longer lasting Turbines
  • Cleaner aftertreatment systems
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Eco Lets Drivers Go Further

Eco decreased fuel use by 6%–20% and emissions components
improved at least 50% in testing. 
Users save on fuel costs and contribute to cleaner air.

Eco Multi Application MPG Improvements & Test Results

…Imagine that this simple technology could also substantially reduce the emission of pollution from combustion processes- from power plants (oil, coal, and natural gas), home heating units, gasoline engines, and diesel engines. Furthermore, imagine that using this technology essentially required no special retrofitting of existing boilers and engines. This energy breakthrough exists today and has already undergone extremely convincing testing over the past 10 years.  Performance of this technology is well documented.”

– Dr. W. Gwinn, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry UC-Berkley