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Save Your Wallet.

Save the Planet.

While nations and governments are searching for ways to solve climate problems from the top down, Rivotto has an answer that empowers you, a vehicle owner, to make a difference from the ground up. Rivotto’s Nx25 helps solve air pollution problems—and it pays for itself immediately.

Save Fuel and Reduce Your Vehicle's Emissions

Air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are created one vehicle, one gallon at a time—and can also be solved one vehicle and one gallon at a time. Even as a private vehicle owner, you can make a difference toward solving a global problem.

How Much Will You Save?

One person or family can easily make a difference. For example, by using Rivotto technology, someone who drives 70 miles a day will:

  • Save $750 USD a year on fuel
  • Prevent 12,000 pounds of CO2 equivalent emissions from entering the atmosphere.

A family with two or more cars can easily save two or three times as much—enough for a nice vacation each year.

How to Start

Contact us to learn how you can engage with one of our partners nationwide in the United States and in select locations globally.

Rivotto Clean Air Technology Savings Calculator

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Your Current Vehicle Operating Costs, Estimated Per Vehicle


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Your Estimated Savings with an RCAT system

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Eco Lets Drivers Go Further

Eco decreased fuel use by 6%–20% and emissions components
improved at least 50% in testing. 
Users save on fuel costs and contribute to cleaner air.

Eco Multi Application MPG Improvements & Test Results

Rivotto Delivers Results

5%-15% less fuel*
40%-60% lower CO2 output*
35%-70% lower emissions*
Minimum 50% increase in regen and DEF efficiency (diesel only)
Direct Air Removal of CO2, no sequester or disposal
Safe, Reliable, Effective
Immediate ROI
* Depending on engine type

Adding Nx25 to my GMC 6.2L diesel service truck has improved my mileage, my tail pipe is cleaner, and it runs about 15 degrees cooler. I have about 10 to 15 additional horsepower.” 

––Danny Wilkins, Independent Owner