The Rivotto Team

Experience and Expertise

Our proven, technology-focused leadership team is supported by our science advisory board, which includes scientists and researchers from leading institutions such as:

Our Leadership Team

John McClure

Director of Strategy, Chairman

An entrepreneur from a young age, John P. McClure, Executive Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer of Rivotto, started working part-time at 9 years old and owned his first business by age 15. Starting, purchasing, and selling 8 companies has attributed to extensive entrepreneurial experience. 

Mr. McClure is an alumnus of Arizona State University, Agribusiness B.S., M.S, Phoenix Seminary, M.A.B.L., and is presently attending University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Executive Education with expected completion in 2024. All specialty product laboratory research has been conducted at Texas A&M. His service on two for-profit and two non-profit boards has rendered John the acumen necessary to provide affective leadership.  

The McClure family enjoys spending time together golfing, offshore and fly-fishing, along with showing American Quarter Horses throughout the United States. 

Steven Shallenberger


Entrepreneurial and driven Chief Executive, with a dynamic, transformational leadership background as a U.S. Air Force officer with hundreds of combat flight hours, B.S. of Science in Engineering Mechanics from the US Air Force Academy, and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Steve has a proven record of bottom-line results as CEO, having successfully managed manufacturing operations with a global supply base notwithstanding extraordinary challenges through international trade wars, COVID-19 pandemic, customer shock catastrophes, and major cyber hacks; all while realizing major triple-digit growth. Steve is passionate about family, country, reading, the outdoors, and the environment.

David Lindsey

Chief Technology Officer, Rivotto

Business-minded engineer who has a strong ability to build genuine relationships at all levels.  He is adept at identifying and solving complex problems in process, supply, inspection, and human resources by analyzing the true root cause.  His expertise includes technical program management in the field of interconnect solutions with an emphasis in medical device. 

With over 10 years’ experience leading technical teams in delivering tangible hardware products, he has made complex and innovative contributions that have been implemented at multiple global sites leading to B2B contracts awarded.  He has earned degrees from Brigham Young University in Manufacturing Engineering and in Business.  Passionate about renewable energy and finding exciting new technologies to make and keep our environment pure. 

Save Fuel

Rivotto Clean Air Systems help reduce your fuel consumption by 5%-15%, depending on engine type.

Lower Emissions

Clean the air by reducing hydrocarbon emissions 30%-70% (depending on engine type) with our proven systems.

Sustainable Impact

Nx25 could save an estimated 15 gigatons of CO2 and other emissions annually.