Proven to Lower CO2 and Use Less Fuel


Nx25 is a novel, easy-to-use chemical formula that activates during combustion and improves energy yield from the fuel, while mitigating harmful byproducts in effluent gasses and reducing the volume of CO2 emitted by the engine or process.

Rivotto Delivers Results

5%-15% less fuel*
40%-60% lower CO2 output*
35%-70% lower emissions*
Minimum 50% increase in regen and DEF efficiency (diesel only)
Direct Air Removal of CO2, no sequester or disposal
Safe, Reliable, Effective
Immediate ROI
* Depending on engine type

Eliminate CO2

Field and lab tests have repeatedly demonstrated reduced volumes of CO2 in exhaust gases. The Nx25 reaction results in stable helium and increased oxygen in place of CO2.

Lower Emissions

With Nx25, your engines or burners consume more of the hydrocarbon molecules instead of sending them out the exhaust port as the toxic byproducts of inefficient combustion. Less CO, NOx, and PM are emitted.

Fewer Emissions = Longer Engine Life

With less carbon build-up inside, your assets will last longer as the process fires more smoothly.

Lower fuel costs

Because Nx25 improves energy yield, you use less fuel to get the same performance.

Eco Installation process on a half ton truck.

Plant Trees

For every gallon of Nx25 you employ, we’ll plant a tree in your name—just one more way you can make a difference.

See For Yourself at No Cost to You

Try it at your power plant, on your vehicles, and make quantitative decisions with no cost, no risk, and no obligation.

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Save Fuel

Nx25 helps reduce your fuel consumption by an average of 5%-15%, depending on engine type.

Lower Emissions

Clean the air by reducing hydrocarbon emissions 30%-70% (depending on the combustion process) with Nx25.

Sustainable Impact

Nx25 could save an estimated 15 gigatons of CO2 and other emissions annually.

Save Fuel

Rivotto Clean Air Systems help reduce your fuel consumption by 5%-15%, depending on engine type.

Lower Emissions

Clean the air by reducing hydrocarbon emissions 30%-75% (depending on engine type) with our proven systems.

Sustainable Impact

We could save an estimated 6,000 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions annually if every road vehicle in the U.S. used our systems.

How it works

Nx25 improves energy yield by changing the properties of the fuel through a proprietary reaction in the combustion environment.

Step 1:

The critical agent must enter the combustion environment. It can enter either carried by fuels or as a vaporized solution added to the air intake stream.

Step 2:

The agent reacts within the flame of combustion and releases a complex of high energy particles. Hotter combustion creates a richer reaction.  

Step 3:

During the combustion process, the high energy particles, collide with hydrocarbon molecules, and reduce them in size. This activity, and the incident radical rich environment, improves combustion speed and efficiency.

Step 4:

After combustion, a small percentage of collisions impact the atomic structures in CO2, reducing affected molecules to oxygen and stable helium.

Results That Improve Over Time

While the active ingredient in Nx25 is effective immediately, a combustion environment where Nx25 is employed will continue to improve its performance until approximately 200 hours of operation under the influence of Nx25, at which point the improvements stabilize.

Heat and the Reaction

The reaction is effective when combustion flames are present. The reaction becomes richer and more active in hotter environments.


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    Rivotto Limited Parts and Labor Warranty

    Eco Systems product manufacturer, Better Emissions Company LLC (the “Company”), provides a 90-day, 100% money back guarantee on the Eco products (“Products”). The Company also warrants that the Products shall be free from imperfections in their manufacture for a period of five (5) years from date of invoice from Rivotto. If any such defects appear within that time, the Company shall repair or replace such defective parts.

    Rivotto Guarantee on Manufacturer Warranty Maintenance

    OEM engine warranties do not apply to accessories which bear the name brand of another company, and will not warranty any RCAT part or result to the engine determined to be caused by RCAT products. If a user of any RCAT product files a warranty claim with the manufacturer for any covered warranty item on an engine or vehicle manufacturer’s warranty and the manufacturer attempts to deny that claim on account of an RCAT device installed, the terms of warranties available and reviewed by Rivotto provide that the manufacturer would have to prove that the failure or damage was caused by the RCAT product to be successful in holding their denied claim. No RCAT product is known to have ever been a suspected cause of a warranty claim on an engine or emissions system and has never been party to a denied warranty claim. Rivotto does carry product and garage keepers, general, and product liability insurance for the unlikely event that an engine warranty claim could arise and a manufacturer attempt to assign fault to an RCAT product.